Set up
Fill out a form with your election details and a dedicated project manager will set up your election.
Credentials are sent to your voters allowing them to securely log in and vote.
Voters cast an encrypted ballot and receive a confirmation receipt.
The digital ballot box is mixed, and votes are decrypted, counted, and reported.


Online voting platform

  • Compatible with any device
  • Automatic results calculation
  • Branded for your party
  • Accessible for voters with disabilities

Built-in top level security & vote privacy

  • Data encrypted from start to end
  • Ballots digitally signed in the voter’s device
  • Ballot box mixed before the vote count
  • Confirmation receipts to track your vote
  • Auditable by outside organizations



  • Guarantee that votes are anonymous, secret, tamper-proof, and verifiable
  • Government-level security


  • Participants can vote at their convenience
  • Increase opportunities to participate in elections


  • Reduce the need to be in one physical space in order to make party decisions
  • Reduce costs in paper, physical equipment, and voting stations
  • Expedite results delivery
End-to-end Encryption
Verifiable & Auditable
Secure Online Voting for political parties

Learn more about how Scytl can help your political party secure your online election.

Scytl is the global leader in secure online voting for political parties. We can help your 2020 convention successfully vote on business that can’t wait:

  • Elect your state delegates for the 2020 national convention
  • Select your alternates for the national convention
  • Decide on your important party resolutions
  • Multiple ballot levels for online voting – ward, precinct, county, congressional
  • Multiple ballot question types – rank-choice ballots, choose one, and more