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Set Up Your Meeting
Create Meeting
Choose voters
Decide vote weight
Debate Agenda Items
View documents
Review & debate agenda items
Choose device of your choice
Authenticate voter credentials
Submit your vote
Display Results
Display vote results in real-time
Share results with stakeholders


Idea Submission

  • Citizens can submit ideas for consideration
  • Discuss and vote on each idea
  • Publicly display the conversation and resulting consensus

Share Documents and Community Action Plans

  • Share progress for initiatives
  • Include relevant documents for each community initiative in the document library

Community Discussions

  • Share news, events, and petitions
  • Community discussion for each shared item

The Platform

  • Secure authentication to ensure only those who should participate can participate
  • Easily customized for your municipality
  • Mobile-optimized for all devices
  • User-friendly administration area
Participation Platform for Municipalities


For Decision-makers

  • Increase transparency before, during, and after projects
  • All-in-one community engagement tool for a safe place for ongoing feedback and idea exchanges
  • Align your municipality’s goals and citizen needs to ensure you’re working towards the same goals

For Your Citizens

  • Connect on one website to provide feedback, suggestions, and ask questions
  • Build consensus on municipal initiatives
  • Increase visibility to view status and updates for each initiative

You can choose the ENR that best fits your community, goals, and budget

ENR Lite

Features for your constituents

  • 508 ADA Compliant & WCAG AA2.0
  • Multilingual
  • Standard design choices
  • The essential user navigation options

Features for your office

  • Ala carte features such as Vote Centers & Google Analytics
  • The essential widget suite
  • The essential configuration options
Learn more about ENR Lite

Full ENR

For your constituents:

  • All the features available in ENR Lite
  • My Favorite Races
  • Mobile-optimized interactive maps

For your office:

  • Custom design
  • Advanced user-friendly widgets
  • Advanced user navigation options
  • Advanced Configuration options
Learn more about Full ENR
Participation Platform
Meeting Manager
Increased trust, transparency, and access to virtually participate at all levels of your municipality

Combine Participation Platform and Meeting Manager for increased participation, with the explicit support of your citizens. Learn more about Meeting Manager.

Civiciti by Scytl has provided Participation Platform to municipalities around the world. With Participation Platform, you can:

  • Share and vote ideas from any device
  • Empower your citizens
  • Show progress on consensus-driven initiatives