Set Up
Work with your dedicated project manager to launch your engagement space
Begin Dialog
Discuss specific topics of interest to your community
Decide on Action Plans
Design action plans based on quantitative data from the community conversation
Report Progress
Increase transparency by showing progress for each action plan


Empower your community by building consensus, creating an action plan, and continuing the conversation at every step.
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Increase community engagement, trust, and transparency through community conversations and data-based action plans. Learn more here

Increase member retention through action-oriented engagement and transparency.
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Idea Submission

  • Citizens can submit ideas for consideration
  • Discuss and vote on each idea
  • Publicly display the conversation and resulting consensus

Share Documents and Community Action Plans

  • Share progress for initiatives
  • Include relevant documents for each community initiative in the document library

Community Discussions

  • Share news, events, and petitions
  • Community discussion for each shared item

The Platform

  • Secure authentication to ensure only those who should participate can participate
  • Easily customized for your municipality
  • Mobile-optimized for all devices
  • User-friendly administration area
Participation Platform for Municipalities


For Decision-makers

  • Increase transparency before, during, and after projects
  • All-in-one community engagement tool for a safe place for ongoing feedback and idea exchanges
  • Align your municipality’s goals and citizen needs to ensure you’re working towards the same goals

For Your Citizens

  • Connect on one website to provide feedback, suggestions, and ask questions
  • Build consensus on municipal initiatives
  • Increase visibility to view status and updates for each initiative

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