Create Ballots
As simple as uploading a ballot file, or create a ballot from scratch.

Notify Voters
Notify eligible voters to access their ballot, and other custom notifications.
Receive Completed Ballots
Voters send their physical or digital versions of completed ballots.
Duplicate & Tabulate
Duplicate returned ballots for optical scan tabulation.


  • UOCAVA eligible voter sign-up.
  • Allow absentee voters to download, mark on-screen, and submit ballot online, on their schedule.
  • Track when ballot was downloaded, submitted, and if it was counted.
  • Voter notifications when ballots are available, when they change, and when ballot status changes.
  • Integrate with legacy infrastructure.
eballot delivery for uocava voters displayed in a tablet


  • Save time with online ballot delivery.
  • Simplify with automation.
  • Voters receive ballots more quickly.
  • Increase access for overseas citizens.
  • Increase transparency and trust.
  • Give peace of mind with secure ballots, and ballot tracking.
  • Go paperless.
Scytl eBallot Delivery
Scytl Online Voter Education
Increased public trust, transparency, and voting access

Scytl Voter Education allows accurate and easy to update communication with constituents before, during, and after elections. Learn more about Voter Education.

Scytl has provided electronic ballots to absentee voters in the United States since 2010.

In the 2018 U.S. General Election, 5 states with more than 19 million registered voters utilized Scytl eBallot Delivery to enable remote voters to receive and return ballots electronically.