Set up
Fill out a form with your election details and a dedicated project manager will set up your election.
Credentials are sent to your voters allowing them to securely log in and vote.
Voters cast an encrypted ballot and receive a confirmation receipt.
The digital ballot box is mixed, and votes are decrypted, counted and reported.


Online voting platform

  • Compatible with any device
  • Automatic results calculation
  • Tailored user interface
  • Accessible to voters with disabilities

Fully-managed solution

  • Dedicated project manager
  • Easy set-up form
  • Daily participation reports

Built-in top level security

  • Data encrypted from start to end
  • Ballots digitally signed in the voter’s device
  • Ballot box mixed before the vote count
  • Confirmation receipts to track your vote
Online voting example displayed on a mobile phone



  • Reduce costs in paper, physical equipment, and voting stations
  • Expedite results delivery
  • Save staff time on election management


  • Allow participants to vote at their convenience
  • Increase opportunities to participate in elections


  • Guarantee that votes are anonymous, secret, tamper-proof, and verifiable
  • Have government-level security
Scytl Online Voting
Scytl Voter Education
Increased public trust, transparency, and access to local elections

Combine Scytl Online Voting and Voter Education for accurate and easy to update communication with constituents before, during, and after elections. Learn more about Voter Education.

Increase member trust and engagement with Scytl Online Voting for associations. Scytl is the global leader in secure online voting and election management solutions. Our solution can help your association:

  • Maintain governance structures with elected boards or committees
  • Foster diverse and strong leadership
  • Empower members with accessible voting
  • Increase trust through secure association voting that can be audited by outside organizations