Set Up
Fill out a form with your election details and a dedicated project manager will set up your election.
Credentials are sent to your co-op members, allowing them to securely log in and vote.
Voters cast an encrypted ballot and receive a confirmation receipt.
The digital ballot box is mixed, and votes are decrypted, counted, and reported.


Online voting platform

  • Compatible with any device
  • Automatic results calculation
  • Branded for your cooperative
  • Accessible for voters with disabilities

Built-in security & voter privacy

  • Data encrypted from start to end
  • Ballots digitally signed on the voter’s device
  • Ballot box shuffled to preserve anonymity
  • Confirmation receipts to verify your vote
  • Auditable by outside organizations


Complete Election Transparency

  • Preserve trust by allowing voters to verify that their ballot was cast correctly and counted

Increased Membership Engagement

  • Vote on any internet-connected device, from any location

Live Voting Capabilities

  • Online voting on agenda items during meetings

User-Friendly Interface

  • Simplified event planning and organization
  • Casting ballots takes just a few clicks


Invote Now

Invote now is an off-the-shelf online voting platform that is ready to use for your next election or decision-making process.

Invote Pro

Invote pro is customized with all the features needed to plan, organize, and manage your electoral process from start to finish.

Meeting Manager

Meeting Manager offers live online voting for AGMs and extraordinary assemblies. Organize your agenda and vote on items in just a few clicks.

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Transparent Elections
Increased Member Engagement
Secure Online Voting for cooperatives & credit unions

Learn more about how Scytl can help your cooperative or credit union organize your  online election.

Scytl is the global leader in secure online voting. We can help your cooperative or credit union with any kind of election or vote:

  • Elections for co-op and credit union board members
  • Live voting on agenda items and resolutions during meetings
  • Multiple ballot types (ranked choice, choose one, and more) with various question types