Design Custom Curriculum
We'll create your custom training plan, tailored to your training objectives.
Develop Custom Content
Your trainees will see your polling places, your equipment, and your procedures.
Assign Lessons
Publish online content to your training site and assign to worker roles and profiles.
Review Progress
Verify who has completed training, and identify areas for continued improvement.


  • Lessons include custom branding and content with multiple curriculum paths for different worker roles.
  • Interactive lessons, exercises, and assessments keep trainees engaged throughout and assess knowledge retention.
  • Create new content to account for changes in legislation.
  • Upload previously created content in various formats – PDF, Powerpoint, video, photos.
  • Easily pull reports on, and communicate with, trainees on training progress and completion.
election worker training example on a tablet


  • Custom content based on your specific equipment, process, and legislative requirements.
  • Experienced online election educators with knowledge of best practices and experience from over 600 election jurisdictions.
  • Flexible and scalable.
  • Supplement in-person training, reinforcing key concepts and processes.
  • Interactive content based on current adult learning theory practices.
Scytl Online Election Worker Training
Scytl Election Worker Management
Hire, train, and assign workers through one connected solution.

Scytl Election Worker management streamlines recruitment, hiring, training, and scheduling through one simple solution. Optimize repeat worker deployment with digital evaluation records. Learn more about Election Worker Management.

Scytl has provided Online Training in the United States since 2001.

In the 2020 General Election, Scytl helped train more than 70,000  election workers, in more than 10 states.